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Stoptober | Why Don’t You Give Up?

Julie Duane, Solicitor Advocate at CG Professional.

Following a number of successful campaigns since 2012, Stoptober was originally introduced as a 28 day stop smoking challenge, heavily supported by the NHS, in order to encourage and support smokers across England to quit for good.

About Stoptober

Cancer Research UK have indicated that tobacco is the leading cause of preventable death in the world, which can cause at least 16 types of cancer. The Campaign therefore strives to try and support and encourage a healthier lifestyle for individuals.

Why is it for 28 days?

Statistics have shown that if an individual can stop smoking for at least 28 days or more, then they are four times more likely to be able to quit for good.

The benefits of Stoptober

Some of the benefits could include:

  • Reduce your exposure to health risks;
  • If you can commit to a full challenge you are more likely to quit smoking altogether;
  • By stopping smoking you will start to look and feel better;
  • Statistics show that your fertility may increase;
  • You may have more money bearing in mind that the average cost of a pack of 20 cigarettes is £10.80; and
  • You will have accomplished your goal.

What support is there available?

In addition to the social media campaigns which help support individuals, there is also an app you can download in order to distract you in the weak moments of temptations, along with a daily email pep talk packed full of advice and tips that can help motivate individuals to accomplish their goals.  There are also personal quick plans which can be provided along with face-to-face support.

What about Go Sober for October Instead?

Alternatively, following the successful campaign in relation to Stoptober’s focus on smoking, there has also been the “Go Sober for October” challenge. This encourages individuals to give up alcohol for 31 days in October and invites them to help support the Macmillan charity with any donations they receive for the challenge.

Considering that Stoptober has helped over one million people quit some of their habits, it is viewed as a positive impact on society.  It is helping adults across the country make small changes to their lifestyles in order to improve on their future health. The question now is are you looking to give up anything for Stoptober?

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