Julie Dunane CG Professional

Getting off the Starting Blocks: Employee Inductions

Julie Duane, Solicitor Advocate at CG Professional.

After the ordeal of the recruitment process employers often overlook key essentials which should be issued to their new employees when they start work. In order to provide employers with an indicator of the key essentials which should be issued to employees, CG Professional have prepared a checklist for employers.

When new employees are recruited one of the key things that employers will ask themselves is what information should be provided? CG Professional would, therefore, recommend that the following documents are circulated to your new employee:

  1. Their offer letter and if relevant a new starter pack containing details of the business and its values. It should be noted that any offer should be subject to satisfactory references. Some businesses enclose a tea bag and biscuits as part of their starter pack and invite employees to “make themselves a cuppa” whilst looking through their contract;
  2. A copy of the new starter form or referees so that they can be requested and chased up;
  3. Induction documents: which can include things such as next of kin details, any benefits they are provided with, expressions of wish and details of their national insurance and bank details;
  4. A copy of their contract of employment and handbook and if you have read our previous article on this you should note that the contract of employment from April 2020 will need to be issued by no later than the first day of their employment;
  5. A document confirming whether they are prepared to opt-out of the working times regulations;
  6. A copy of your Privacy Notice;
  7. Young worker employments right document (if relevant);
  8. Ensuring employees are on the right contracts i.e. do you have an apprenticeship contract in place;
  9. Fair workers rights advice including ID requirements;
  10. Right to work ID requirements;
  11. A calculation of their holiday entitlement for the holiday request form and prorating this accordingly when required;
  12. Uploading their details to the database of staff; and
  13. Producing apprenticeship agreements.

If you require any assistance with the relevant documentation above or would like to understand more about the documents that your new recruits require please do not hesitate to contact a member of the CG team who would be more than happy to help.