CG supports motor industry client.

CG supports motor industry client on their future leadership development plan.

A leading North West motor group was looking to ensure they retained their rising stars, had employees ready to step up as and when needed into management positions and that were fully trained and ready for the transition into management. CG was instructed to prepare, implement and deliver a future leadership training programme for employees of the group.

CG worked with the senior management team of the business to identify their rising stars. CG liaised with the directors to determine the aims and objectives or the programme and what skills and information the future leaders needed to know.

The experienced team at CG set about developing a bespoke training programme to be rolled out in instalments over 12 months with a number of sessions which included:

  • Launch event – making sure all the future leaders were on-board with the programme and why they had been selected. Discussing the company’s vision and values and generally encouraging a forum where the future leaders could discuss and trial ideas and concerns before making the “step-up”.

  • Skills for a first time manager – developing the mindset and skill set from life as a team contributor to managing that team   

  • Transitioning to life as a manager

  • Difficult conversations

  • Setting goals

  • Praising

  • Change in relationships

  • Day-to-day coaching

  • Introduction to employment law – This component of the programme was simply to make managers aware of the issues to look out for within their team. They could then refer to CG or their HR team for advice. It covered the lifecycle of an employee from recruitment and induction, contracts and handbook and their rights during employment, right through to managing issues like sickness, conduct and performance and termination of employment.

  • Operations and compliance (which included health and safety and input from the company’s directors).

  • Behaviour and leadership style training looking at self-awareness, personal attributes, building relationships, trust, resilience, changing behaviours and cultures. This also included behaviour profiling.

  • Marketing and business development training delivered by a Sales Director of a retail business.

  • Health and Wellbeing – health and lifestyle changes, managing stress in the workplace etc.

Feedback from the company and the future leaders themselves have been excellent and the business is looking to continue running the programme for the second year.